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Author Gary Furr

Gary Furr is pastor of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Acrimony plagues our society. Yet civility will re-emerge when we do all that is within our might not just to post opinions online but to get out alongside someone else and do all we can to make life better for everyone. […] Read More

While many pastors may jump to greener pastures every few years, the congregation whose pastor stays put for a couple decades or more will reap numerous advantages. Check out these 21 truths. […] Read More

In our fractured world, it’s tempting to withdraw from the fray or even deepen the gulf. Neither choice advances God’s kingdom. Instead, we must live a ministry of grace. […] Read More

All-or-nothing thinking in rigid religion makes building community with others difficult. Like in high school football, we may need “penalties” for those with a spirit of “it’s this and nothing else.” […] Read More

Violence in our society is a perplexing reality. If we look at it in terms of statistics, there is less killing and crime in many categories than in many years. When we see the daily litany of murder stories on the news, though, and compare our nation to other nations, we are appalled at the […] Read More

Philip Yancey is one of those writers who reaches past the normal barriers faced by Christian authors to speak to the pain of a hurting world. He writes in such an engaging, thoughtful and undefensive style that he touches those who wouldn’t necessarily listen to preachers or go to churches – people who like Jesus […] Read More

I have been thinking about what President Obama said near the end of his farewell address. He said that the most important person in the country is still the citizen. As President-elect Trump assumes office, it will be a great challenge for our leaders on all sides to move the country forward. It has been […] Read More

How can you not like the story of the Pilgrims? They came to America to find religious freedom. They were “separatists,” believing that the true church must separate itself from the corruptions of the world, in particular the Anglican Church and its state-supported status as an established church. They were known as “nonconformists,” as in […] Read More

I heard someone discussing the psychology of “moral elevation” recently. By that they meant that just as anger, disgust and depression can be triggered by reactions to negative things said and done by ourselves and others, so we can be affected in the positive direction by morally uplifting actions. The speaker went on to say […] Read More

Haven’t we had enough of rage and death? Hasn’t enough blood been shed to convince us that this is a way that leads down into a pit from which there is no return, no hope and no end? Is there no capacity for mutual respect left among us for our neighbor, friend and even the […] Read More