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Author Frank Lewis

Frank R. Lewis is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served since 1997.

Two Tennessee churches – one predominantly black, the other white – with a sometimes uneasy history of racial tension worked together to begin breaking barriers. How about yours? […] Read More

The National Day of Prayer served as an outreach opportunity for First Baptist of Nashville for several years. This usually involved renting the local convention center, securing a speaker and musical personalities to help us build a crowd, enlisting an army of volunteers to host tables, invite the public, serve as greeters and more. It […] Read More

The 2016 campaign season proved once again how clearly our nation divides herself along political lines. This year’s discourse among candidates felt less civil as debates degenerated into spectacle. Social media posts and public protests continue to illustrate the contentious divide in our nation. We are witnessing and possibly participating in a conversation that is […] Read More