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Author Everett Goodwin

For individuals, effective memory is frequently what makes life meaningful. Likewise, the loss of memory is often a first sign of disability and, in extreme cases, dehumanization. But in that transition from future to past there is a problem. “History is bunk,” Henry Ford is reported to have said. Just as our nation adopted his […] Read More

Robert Schuller clearly has an eternal hope for his Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. In a recent interview, Schuller confessed, “I dream in hundreds of years.” The Crystal Cathedral “will never die,” he said. “It’s built around the sun, the sky, the water, the mountains. It meets the deeper emotional needs of people.” Schuller […] Read More

What does it mean when a religious leader—a recognized moral leader—is discovered to have used the unattributed words or ideas of others? Is the message’s truth diminished by plagiarism? Students are catechized to believe there is no greater sin than copying another’s work. Moral outrage, perhaps tinged with self-righteousness, is a predicable, personal response. But […] Read More

“It’s in the Bible!” But which one? The good book is available in an unprecedented number of translations, versions and forms. Leaving aside translations into most of the world’s languages, English versions alone are numerous and growing. They include new translations wholly or significantly from original sources, such astheNew Jerusalem Bible. “Revised” translations of the […] Read More

The ABC/USA is the corporate expression of approximately 1.5 million Baptists in North America, with its greatest numerical strength in the Northeast, Midwest and West. Founded in 1907 as the Northern Baptist Convention, it changed its name to the American Baptist Convention in 1950 and in 1972 changed it again to the American Baptist Churches […] Read More