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Heroin and prescription drug abuse were the focus of a bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week. “America is experiencing a historic epidemic of drug overdose deaths. Over 47,000 died from overdoses in 2014 … more deaths than resulted from either car crashes or gun violence,” said committee chair Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) in his […] Read More

The most “Bible-minded” cities are found in the southern United States, according to the Barna Research Group. The annual survey, conducted in conjunction with the American Bible Society, found “all of the top 10 cities located below the Mason-Dixon Line.” “Individuals who report reading the Bible in a typical week and who strongly assert the […] Read More

Brian Kaylor, contributing editor for and author of several books on religion and politics, talks in a new video interview with about the Iowa caucus process and how faith plays into it. Brian Kaylor Explains the 2016 Iowa Caucuses from EthicsDaily on Vimeo. “A caucus is a very unusual way to start a […] Read More

Lack of knowledge about the U.S. refugee resettlement process inspired a panel discussion last Friday during the 84th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) winter meeting. “It became very clear this last fall after the tragic events in Paris and San Bernardino that a lot of people don’t know much about our refugee resettlement process […] Read More

Fifty-one percent of U.S. adults said they would be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who did not believe in God, and the same number indicated that it was important for a candidate’s religious perspectives to align with their own. These findings were included in a Pew Research Center report revealing the results […] Read More

Thirty-two Iowa pastors and a handful of national leaders have informed the 2016 presidential candidates that evangelical voters “are looking for a biblical approach regarding immigrants and immigration.” The biblical witness to humans being created in God’s image, as well as Jesus’ “high regard for foreigners in his teaching and actions,” was cited in an […] Read More

The global migrant-refugee crisis has been exacerbated by restrictive European Union (EU) policies that have made migration an increasingly perilous and dangerous endeavor, according to a Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) report. The report, “Obstacle Course to Europe: A Policy-made Humanitarian Crisis at EU Borders,” was released last week and is based on interviews […] Read More

The end of Sudan’s two-decade civil war in 2005 brought hope, but not stability or lasting peace. A peace treaty led eventually to a 2011 referendum that resulted in South Sudan becoming a free and independent nation. The triumph would be short-lived, however, continuing a tumultuous history within the African nation – a painful reality […] Read More

In 2015, 124 law enforcement officials were killed in the line of duty, according to a National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) report. “Nine of the fallen officers were female, more than double the four killed in 2014,” the report noted. “The average officer was 41 years old, with 12 years of service. The […] Read More

Eleven presidential candidates sent short videos on their approach to ending poverty and hunger to the Christian organization Circle of Protection. Three candidates failed to submit videos – Donald Trump, Rand Paul and Chris Christie. The Circle of Protection sent a letter from 100 Christian leaders to all 2016 candidates asking for three-minute videos on […] Read More