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When voters assessed U.S. presidents, moral values once again lagged behind management skills and issue positions, a Gallup poll says. […] Read More

U.S. adults who are atheists, agnostics or unaffiliated with any religious teaching cited “questioning religious teachings” as the many reason they don’t subscribe to any religion. […] Read More

Ray Johnson is coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida and Caribbean Islands. […] Read More

Baptist leaders will host an event on Aug. 12 to counter a white supremacist rally set to take place in Washington, D.C., on the same day – one year after the Charlottesville clash. […] Read More

Two new series aimed at engaging the next generation will soon launch on – one focused on high school and college writers, the other on seminarians and first-time ministers. […] Read More

Many U.S. Protestant and non-denominational churchgoers hear a “prosperity gospel” from the pulpit, including 41 percent of Baptist respondents, a LifeWay report says. […] Read More

What’s the leading reason that more than one out of three U.S. adults don’t attend religious services regularly? They practice their faith in other ways, a study found. […] Read More

Parishioners place significant trust in their pastors when it comes to addressing poverty, a Barna Group report says, with 54 percent saying they “definitely” trust their pastor’s opinion. […] Read More

Jonathan Davis serves as the pastor of Beale Memorial Baptist Church in Tappahannock, Virginia. […] Read More

Many low-wage workers already clock significant hours in jobs with limited security. Increasing work requirements for SNAP and Medicaid will likely create a burden for them, a report says. […] Read More