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Health care workers are battling COVID-19 daily across the globe, and we want to pay tribute to their courage and sacrifice. You can help EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith honor their courageous and compassionate work. […] Read More

More than half of US adults believe the United Nations is doing a poor job, a survey found. However, several faith leaders lauded the role it’s played in global affairs, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic. […] Read More

“Good Faith After Hours,” a social event planned for June 24 during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s General Assembly in Atlanta, has been canceled. […] Read More’s release of “Brother Molly,” a six-episode documentary podcast on the life and work of theologian Molly T. Marshall, has been delayed. […] Read More

Originally scheduled to begin in June with the launch of Good Faith Media (GFM), a new podcast – Good Faith Weekly – launched earlier than planned, providing coverage and commentary regarding the global pandemic. […] Read More

Twenty-five years after one of the most progressive blueprints for women’s rights was passed, progress remains uneven and, in some cases, has even reversed. It’s time to push back against the pushback, a UN official said. […] Read More

Even as extreme poverty has been on the decline globally, nearly two-thirds of the world’s poor will be concentrated in economies experiencing conflict, state fragility or both by 2030, a report said. […] Read More

Religious beliefs are being used to justify discrimination around the world, a UN report found. Women, girls and LGBTQIA+ persons are most often the focus of religiously justified discrimination. […] Read More

Diverging from the national average, the number of white evangelical Protestants in the US with positive views of President Trump as honest and morally upstanding remains significantly higher than the public, a report said. […] Read More

Around 1.6 million people live within three miles of the US’s top 100 toxic emission facilities, which produce 39% of all toxic emissions in the nation, a report said. Nearly 170,000 live within a mile of these facilities. […] Read More