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Author Elmo Familiaran

Elmo Familiaran is a pastor, writer and practitioner in the mission and purpose of the church in the world. Ordained in the American Baptist Churches, USA, he is a 39-year veteran in pastoral ministry, in ecumenical and cross cultural engagement, and executive leadership in both national and regional denominational settings.

Moral pathogens inhabit our sinful, finite and imperfect world, some more virulent than others. In a time of profound polarization, obeying God might require us to make a choice that scandalizes our own notion of moral absolutes. […] Read More

Don’t buy into the myth of neutrality. Like the COVID-19 virus currently sweeping many parts of the world, a social, political and moral rancor assaults the US body politic. And even many Christians have been caught in its grip. […] Read More

While malevolent actors still manipulate photos and videos to divert us from the truth through sleight of hand and sleight of mind, it is possible to stay centered even in a time of moral casuistry and capriciousness. […] Read More

In every benevolent use of a new discovery, humans always have a proclivity to find a way to use it malevolently. False information and the spreading of propaganda through photo and video manipulation have become very easy. […] Read More

Secular, earthly partisan politics is a contest for power and hegemony, making it innately antithetical to the gospel and the teachings of Jesus who revealed God’s reign of love. We can’t be religious collaborators of the empire. […] Read More

The church should stay out of politics, some say. However, the practice of our faith carries political implications, often transformative ones, including these four examples when Christians stood up to political ideologies. […] Read More

The recent horrific acts of murder and terror in Paris, Beirut, Nigeria and Mali have reminded us that we still live in a world inhabited by violence, hate and evil. These recent and almost simultaneous upheavals of violence and hate have shaken the foundation of our faiths, our trust in the moral order of the […] Read More

An often-sung hymn during this season is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” adapted from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The murder of two New York Police Department officers in Brooklyn, New York, that has shaken our nation, which is still reeling from the recent police-related killings in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, […] Read More

In the hyperdigital technocracy in which we live, innovation – the birthing of new products of the imagination – is the currency and pedigree of success. To be successful, one has to consistently stay in the competitive race for the top, germinate ideas that supposedly dazzle and demonstrate the ability to produce “cutting edge” products […] Read More