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Author Elizabeth Goatley

Elizabeth Goatley is Director of Diversity and Inclusion at The Episcopal School of Dallas, Texas.

Child labor trafficking goes on all around us. If a child says he or she is being forced to work for little or no pay or is in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, we must be ready to take steps to ensure their safety. […] Read More

Her name was Iesha. We met on a train leaving the airport. It was her bright eyes and wide smile that drew my attention. We discussed her excitement about entering high school and that it meant that she got to take a break from working. We joked about after-school jobs and what she would spend […] Read More

I spent two weeks this summer working with pastors and congregations on addressing human trafficking on the Texas-Mexico border. I partnered with churches that were seeking to answer the question, “Can churches really make a difference in combating human trafficking?” My overall resolve was, “Yes, but it takes knowing your neighbor and doing for the […] Read More