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Author Elizabeth Evans Hagan

Elizabeth Hagan is senior minister of The Palisades Community Church in Washington, D.C. Other hats she wears are as a preacher, author and executive director of Our Courageous Kids, a foundation dedicated to orphan care.

We can’t help it, but in our society we are what we do. When you meet a new person – at least in the circles I run in, it seems – the first question that gets asked is, “What do you do?” And in response, free-flowing answers are something like, “I am a lawyer,” “I […] Read More

There’s been a lot of fuss over this royal baby this week, hasn’t there? When would the duchess give birth? What gender would the child be? When would they leave the hospital? How would the new family get home? And, finally, what would the child’s name be? Even if you haven’t been royal obsessed, it […] Read More

I grew up in the type of Christian community that would frequently say things like: “Work on your relationship with God above all else” and “If you let anything come between your relationship with Jesus, then your faith is off track.” While the intention of such teaching was probably something like, “Make your faith life […] Read More

Being the religious nerd that I am, and one who likes to keep up with popular cultural expressions of faith, I’ve watched two documentaries of note. Namely, Christiane Amanpour’s ABC News special, “Back to the Beginning,” and the History Channel’s miniseries, “The Bible.” After hearing several of my clergy colleagues talking about the grave inaccuracies […] Read More

Recently, I spent a week feeling mostly like an outsider. Not because of lack of welcome – I can’t tell you how many hugs and smiles I received. Not because no one looked me in the eyes – countless children pointed at my face as if to notice I was the only green-eyed, blonde haired […] Read More

I love independent theaters. I also love films that may or may not get press or bring filmmakers lots of money, but present a message that makes you think and stirs up conversation long after the credits roll. For me, one such film that I watched recently is the documentary, “The Gatekeepers.” While being nominated […] Read More

The juxtaposition of my life recently has been interesting – from attending a Christian conference discussing orphan ministries and global poverty in a well-to-do suburb of Nashville, Tenn., to being among kids in poverty in rural villages in Guatemala assisting with feeding programs with the staff of Feed The Children. There’s still much to process. […] Read More

I can’t seem to get the boys my husband and I met in Africa out of my mind because, as many of you know, some of the greatest gems of experience take time to sink in. One of my favorite experiences of the Kenya trip Kevin and I took last year was the time spent […] Read More

Recently, I watched as 800 people stood in line with grocery sacks, trash bags and wheeled carts waiting to get food. Most, if not all, were minorities. Many were elderly, walking with canes or walkers. Many were young mothers with babies in strollers or in car seats. Many looked cold after standing in line for […] Read More

When is the last time you encountered a person of faith, in particular a Christian, who was engaging in particular activities one might call “crazy”? I know I’ve met my share of over-the-top, loving kind of Christians through the years being in church as long as I have. I’ve met Christians who follow Jesus to […] Read More