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Author Elizabeth Denham Thompson

Elizabeth Denham Thompson, an ordained minister, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, ACPE Psychotherapist, is owner of Eremos Consulting Group in Colorado. She has provided consulting, coaching and therapy services with clergy and congregations in the Rocky Mt. region for 20 years.

During the coronavirus pandemic, clergy have led their churches from in-person to online ministry and now struggle with what comes next. It’s a frustrating process, like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle. […] Read More

The uncertainty and chaos of the COVID-19 crisis is causing us alarm, but frustration and fear are also the conditions inspiring creativity, vision and transformation. Leaning into them will help us create a new way forward. […] Read More

Your world is spinning out of control. Massive changes, shutdowns, chaos and fear increase your insecurity. Life may not return to normal, but you can strengthen your mental health so you can get close enough to get by. […] Read More