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Author Eileen R. Campbell-Reed

Eileen Campbell-Reed teaches at Central Seminary, and she is codirector of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project. In October 2018 she published the State of Clergywomen in the U.S., and she hosts Three Minute Ministry Mentor.

The trends in theological education don’t paint an inspiring picture for women when you focus on the numbers alone, but they aren’t the full story. Here are 6 reasons we must keep educating women for ordained ministry. […] Read More

Women’s leadership in the church has grown rapidly over the last few decades. However, for women, the pace of growth in theological education has slowed significantly. Check out these 8 trends. […] Read More

In my remarks at a recent immigration action in Nashville, Tennessee, I spoke as a faith leader. I reminded those gathered that Christians worship a Creator who fashioned all humanity as one family, one people, one expression of the image of God in each and every one of us. I asked God’s blessings and mercy […] Read More

Women starting out in ministry need space to learn. So do men. All people with a pastoral calling need room to grow into the practice of ministry. Too often, however, a culture of disbelief surrounds well-intentioned churches that call women, undermining and disrupting the learning curve for new ministers. In an extreme example last summer, […] Read More

The “confidence gap” is one factor that contributes to the shortfall of women serving in leadership in theological schools and churches, but it’s a factor women can change, the president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary said. “Women tend to discount themselves,” seminary president Molly T. Marshall said. “If a woman looks at a job description, […] Read More

It is something most ministers want. And it can feel impossible to find. Yet seeking pastoral wisdom is vital for the work of the church and for leading people of faith. Becoming pastorally wise is what I call a “big squishy goal,” or as one of my students put it, “a big scary goal.” She’s […] Read More

After reading in Baptist Press and about a sermon preached by Reba Cobb, I am compelled to offer an additional ethical perspective that might help us reconsider how we face our own shortcomings and those of others with compassion. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s (CBF) resource center coordinator, Reba Sloan Cobb, was accused by Baptist Press […] Read More