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Author Ed Sunday-Winters

Ed Sunday-Winters is pastor of Greensboro United Church of Christ in Greensboro, Vermont.

Reports from North Korea are a startling reminder of the true gift that religious liberty is for those who enjoy it. In North Korea, citizens are expected to worship the emperor. Persecution, arrest, imprisonment or execution may follow if they don’t. The Apostle Paul, who experienced his share of persecution and imprisonment, tells the church […] Read More

The crowd is great and presses in on Jesus. A father approaches Jesus with an urgent plea to heal his daughter. Jesus goes with the man to his house. On the way, a woman who has been ailing for 12 years gets close enough to Jesus to touch his cloak. She is healed immediately. Jesus […] Read More

What did you learn about torture growing up in the church? Thinking back, I recall that going to church involved a lot of sitting still and being quiet. I did not like to sit still nor did I like being quiet. I cannot remember if I described the sitting still and being quiet as torture, […] Read More

A recent letter in the News-Sentinel caught my attention. It was written in response to a previous letter, which may well have been written in response to a previous letter, which could very well have been written in response to a previous letter. Such letters have been appearing in newspapers, especially East Tennessee newspapers, at […] Read More

The Gospel of John begins with soaring language about the Word of God taking on flesh and about true light coming into the world. The Word of God is living among us, full of grace and truth and giving us the power to become children of God. God is true light shining in the darkness, […] Read More

“We have a leak!”   Those are frightening words to hear if you live near or work in a facility that produces or stores hazardous material. They can be just as frightening, dreadful and troublesome when the leak is not hazardous and not in a nearby plant, but in your home.   “We have a […] Read More

The economy is in the tank, or at least that is what we have heard most every day for the last several months. However, the reality of economic hard times is not something we need the newspaper or television to tell us. We know that the economy is bad because we know people who have […] Read More

Fraidy Cat

When you were young, did anyone ever call you a “fraidy cat” or a “scaredy cat?” Those phrases were usually used after someone had double-dog-dared you to do something stupid. You were actually exercising some wisdom and your double-dog-daring friend threw the “fraidy cat” slur at you. Nobody wants to be a “fraidy cat,” and […] Read More