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Author Ed Sunday-Winters

Ed Sunday-Winters is pastor of Greensboro United Church of Christ in Greensboro, Vermont.

The founders of the United States didn’t rely on the Ten Commandments to forge our nation’s laws. Indeed, their goal was to ensure religion would neither control government nor contend with unnecessary government entanglement. […] Read More

Did you know that in the state of Tennessee there is a law against bullying in schools? It allows local school districts to develop policies to ensure that students are protected from physical harm, threats of physical harm, and actions that would create a hostile educational environment. Current attempts to change this law are concerned […] Read More

I would not hazard a guess as to how many preachers in these United States will make some reference this Sunday morning to our nation’s Founding Fathers, and their reliance on the Ten Commandments in forging the laws for our new nation. My suspicion is that such references will be numerous if unfounded. That is […] Read More

In reading the ninth chapter of the book of Acts, I am struck by the words in the first verse that describe Saul’s (soon to be, but not yet Paul’s) demeanor. He is “still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord.” Before his encounter with Christ, he is a man driven by […] Read More

The crowd is loud and excited. Their enthusiasm grows as they catch a glimpse of a man riding a borrowed horse. Some have seen him do the unbelievable. Most have heard the stories. He heals the sick, gives sight to the blind, raises the dead, feeds the hungry and proclaims good news to the poor. […] Read More

Bill Nieporte is a friend from my seminary days and pastor of Patterson Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Va. He’s toying with the idea of creating a “John the Baptist” line of Christmas cards. So far, here is what he has produced: Outside card: “From our house to yours this holiday season.” Inside: “Merry Christmas, […] Read More

His name was Prevaiz Masih. He was the janitor at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan, until Oct. 20. On that day, two suicide bombers attacked, one on the women’s side and the other on the men’s side of the campus. An attacker dressed as a woman shot the school security guard then approached […] Read More

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The memories of long-ago gatherings of family, food and football at my grandparents’ house are some of my fondest. These days we go to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, trying to give to our children their own memories. This year, we are breaking our tradition of frying the turkey. My […] Read More

I am not sure what it was about hearing that scientists had mapped the genome of a domestic pig that so captured my attention. Perhaps it was all the other stuff that I would have thought needed to be done before we got around to a genetic map of pig DNA. Once again I was […] Read More

Why is it that every time something bad happens, there always seems to be a preacher around to give God the credit for whatever disaster or tragedy that has occurred? John Hagee was one that let us know that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for the wickedness of New Orleans. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson concurred […] Read More