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Author Drew Smith

C. Drew Smith is the Assistant Director of the Honors College at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Over the years that I have spent reading the Gospels, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus was not simply a teacher of spirituality as some like to make him out to be. Nor was he some divine figure who went about Galilee healing people. He was certainly both of these, but Jesus was […] Read More

The heart of Jesus’ message is the desire for peace. At one level, Jesus called people to follow him as a path to finding peace with God. Yet, at a more pragmatic level, Jesus called people to be at peace with one another. Indeed, in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) we find one […] Read More

Christians across the world celebrate Epiphany today. This day, also known as “Three Kings’ Day,” is a time to remember and celebrate the coming of the Magi to see and pay homage to the Christ Child. We are familiar with the traditional images of the Magi, seen in nativities and Christmas productions, but what do […] Read More in Arkansas reported that the Sheridan School District in Sheridan, Ark., withdrew the invitation extended to a Muslim man to speak at the district’s middle school on Sept. 11 due to parental outrage. The news story quotes a woman identified as Kathy Wallace. “Since that nationality was responsible for 9/11,” she said, “we just […] Read More

In his 1967 book, “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?” Martin Luther King Jr. described the state of the civil rights movement in America and the state of white America’s acceptance of African Americans. “With Selma and the Voting Rights Act one phase of development in the civil rights revolution came to […] Read More

One of the more comforting passages from the teachings of Jesus is found in Luke 12:22-34, where Jesus commands his listeners not to worry about the concerns of life, for God will take care of them. But is this really Jesus’ meaning? To interpret correctly, we must keep in mind the literary context in which […] Read More

Soon after announcing that the kingdom of God is near in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus called his disciples. While Jesus was certainly calling individuals to follow him, he was always calling them into a community in which they were to find a new way of existing in the world that demonstrates the ethics of […] Read More

There is no doubt that Jesus commanded his followers to love their enemies. There is no room for negotiation with Jesus on this point. Indeed, while we attempt to evade Jesus’ clear teaching by placing limitations on his command, specifically related to who we love and how much we love, these limitations cannot be accepted […] Read More

As the U.S. Senate begins its debate over immigration reform – a debate that will prove to be complicated as well as fierce – how should Christians respond to this debate? Perhaps the most beloved story in the Gospels and, indeed, maybe the favorite story for many from the entire Bible is the story of […] Read More

As the 113th Congress was being sworn in, media were covering not only the many problems this legislative body will face in the coming days, but also the new religious diversity that sets this Congress apart from others. While the percentage of those legislators from various religions other than Protestant and Catholic Christianity and Judaism still fall below […] Read More