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Author Drew Smith

The story of John the Baptist is a familiar narrative to most Christians. We imagine John as a wild man preaching in the desert about repentance and calling people to be baptized. We also visualize John baptizing Jesus, a significant starting point to Jesus’ ministry. But when we think of John, we probably most often […] Read More

I find it fascinating the way in which the Gospel of Mark tells about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. In only two verses, Mark raises challenging theological questions by what he does say as well as through what he does not say about Jesus’ temptation. One interesting feature is that Mark’s account is […] Read More

This past Wednesday marked the beginning of the season of Lent. There are many practices Christians carry out during this holy season—practices such as fasting and praying that are meant to draw us closer to God as we reflect on the last days of Jesus on this earth. But often we neglect these practices, and […] Read More

The Arkansas House passed a bill earlier this week that would lift a ban on guns being carried into houses of worship. The measure is now heading to the Arkansas Senate for a vote. Growing up in rural Arkansas, I have come to accept the plethora of guns in the state. My dad and my […] Read More

This past Wednesday, Feb. 4, would have been Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s 103rd birthday. Bonhoeffer’s story is familiar to many: a story about his resistance to a Hitler-controlled Germany and his participation in the plot to assassinate the Nazi leader. It was this public resistance and criticism that eventually led to Bonhoeffer’s execution on April 9, 1945, […] Read More

To use religious language to describe my thoughts on Tuesday, I felt that I was not witnessing so much the inauguration of a president, as I was participating in a revival meeting that was calling all of us to repentance, redemption and renewal. When speaking about Israel’s Exile in Babylon, the prophets speak of it […] Read More

Thanksgiving is more than a day. Thanksgiving is more than an attitude. Thanksgiving is a way of living. Perhaps, like many families, you and your loved ones take a few moments at the table, before you partake of the delicious food, to give every person a chance to express for what and for whom he […] Read More

We recant our faith in practice when we fail to love our neighbors and our enemies, when we neglect the poor and oppressed, and when we use abusive power against others. But what does it mean to pray, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”, as we traditionally do? To answer this […] Read More

Jesus does not command us to forgive others as an act to which we begrudgingly submit. Rather, Jesus understands the power of forgiveness to transform enemies into friends. What do the words Jesus gives us to pray mean? Is forgiveness really demanded of all followers of Christ, or are there limits to when we forgive, […] Read More

Jesus will break bread in the eschatological banquet and share with those oppressed by the social structures of the world. First, we need to understand that bread was a staple of the first-century diet, and calling on God to provide bread each day was an expression of one’s faith in God as the Abba-Father who […] Read More