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Author Douglas Sharp

As communities of Christians prepare to celebrate Easter the world over, some in the English-speaking world may be surprised to learn that a new “Bible” has appeared and has quickly rushed to be the top-seller on Amazon’s spirituality category. It is not, however, the Bible with which Christians are familiar. Rather, it is a bible […] Read More

Given the global attention received last fall by the Florida pastor who announced that he would burn the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, I was frankly surprised to learn that he had found a way to break his promise and burn one anyway. Pastor Terry Jones and his congregation at Dove World Outreach Center […] Read More

Ultimately, it is inexpedient to faith and injurious to religion for one to claim to know the will or plan of God in partisan politics. As it always seems to turn out, it’s not all that good for politics either. I will confess that I am uneasy when I hear someone talking about an event […] Read More

Slightly more than half the members of the U.S. Supreme Court believe that the Second Amendment right to own a firearm in this country is inviolable. They have now made that clear in their 5-4 decision on McDonald v. City of Chicago, striking down Chicago’s 30-year-old handgun ban and extending to all the states the […] Read More