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Author Doug Dortch

Doug Dortch is senior minister of Mountain Brook Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and a past Moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Suzii Paynter believed the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship needed to be a “big tent” organization that recognized the freedom of each church and individual to discover their God-given mission. […] Read More

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which begs the question: “Do dads really ever get a day?” While Father’s Day is on every calendar, both print and electronic, most dads I know have to be reminded when their day rolls around every June. In fact, many men will tell you that it doesn’t feel […] Read More

The future of the church is in serious jeopardy. At least that’s the opinion of researchers who have been tracking the decline of participation in church activities over the last 10 to 20 years. While the causes for this decline are myriad and complicated, the one cause that no one disputes is the manner in […] Read More

The last Sunday of October is Reformation Sunday – a time to look back on one of the “great reversals” in the history of the church, to use Phyllis Tickle’s term, the ripples of which we still minister out of today. But, at the same time, Reformation Sunday is also an opportunity to look ahead […] Read More

For worship planners committed to historic Baptist principles, the Independence Day weekend, like any patriotic weekend, is one of those times when we may feel pulled between participating in the surrounding civic celebrations and staying true to the principles of our Baptist tradition. Despite the pull, I think it’s not only possible for us to […] Read More