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Author Don Gordon

I had a conversation recently with a mother in my congregation and her twin 6-year-old sons regarding the death of one of their classmates. A first-grade boy in a school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, died during his sleep in the night. He had gone to bed with nothing more than a sore throat, something as […] Read More

We have been inundated in recent days with news of random killings, racial killings and retributive killings by terrorists. The saying once was popular, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Never have we yearned for this to be so true since the recent random killings by a crazed gunman interrupted an outdoor concert. We […] Read More

Many Baptist churches approach Mother’s Day the way many men approach Valentine’s Day – with fear and trembling. A day intended to honor mothers amid a sacred gathering of worship becomes a day of great anxiety navigating how to do this or if it should be done at all. Pointed questions emerge for the worship […] Read More

Ministry to refugees has been a long-term commitment of Ardmore Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In the 1970s, we adopted a Vietnamese family when thousands were streaming into the country seeking refuge from their war-torn land. A house across the street was purchased in the 1980s to serve as a home for Baptist missionaries […] Read More

It finally came to an end. The 2016 presidential election was the most divisive, vitriolic campaign in modern history. Only those who voted for or against Grover Cleveland in 1892 would recognize the malicious nature of this campaign. Sixty percent of Americans said they were dissatisfied with the choices the two-party system gave to them […] Read More

The BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico already surpasses the Exxon Valdez disaster that unloaded 11 million gallons of oil into the Prince William Sound off the coast of Alaska in 1989. Watching the Gulf gusher spew oil makes your stomach churn. An oil slick has developed over the Gulf of Mexico more than […] Read More