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Author Devon Dundee

Devon Dundee lives in Greenwood, Arkansas, with his with wife Katherine and their dog Winter. He currently serves as media pastor at Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist Church.

‘Just Mercy’

Based on the true story of a Harvard law graduate defending a death row inmate condemned for a murder he didn’t commit, ‘Just Mercy’ is a must-see film for everyone concerned about faith and justice. […] Read More

The U.S. has a serious problem when it comes to gun violence. Some say it’s a gun problem; others a people problem. In their new book, authors Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin argue that it’s both. […] Read More

Agency refers to peoples’ ability to act and make decisions for themselves. Often, people have been stripped of their agency, treated as less than human. We must become agents of agency. […] Read More

Avoiding cuss words is great if that’s what you feel led to do, but if you still use slurs, which demean and dehumanize others, you’re overlooking something far more dangerous. […] Read More