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Author Denton Lotz

1. Unity–Many Baptist conventions worldwide are experiencing disharmony, because of conflict over Christian doctrine and ethics, or over differing views on types of worship or the charismatic movement. It is for that reason that we must continually re-examine our life and thought in the light of biblical faith. We need to continually stress a Christian […] Read More

Far as the Curse is Found

The Christmas story is one of hope and joy. This is a necessary word for men and women of all cultures and languages to hear, particularly this year. What a tragic year. It began with thousands being killed by the horrific tsunami. Then the death toll for Iraqis and American soldiers increased dramatically and the […] Read More

BWA Human Rights Sunday

Many years ago the Baptist World Alliance Commission on Freedom and Justice proposed that Baptists celebrate the second Sunday in Advent as Human Rights Sunday. It is proper that during the Christmas season we pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world who are denied human rights and especially those who suffer from […] Read More