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Author Dennis Bickers

Dennis Bickers is a church consultant and author. He served previously as the bivocational pastor of Hebron Baptist Church near Madison, Indiana, for 20 years followed by a 14-year ministry as a resource minister with the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky.

I challenge the attendees of my smaller-church workshops to focus the ministries of their congregation on one or two things they can do with excellence. Many smaller churches are trying to do too many things. Often, they are still structured as they were when they were a larger congregation and trying to do all the […] Read More

At every workshop I lead, someone will ask how he or she can lead change in their church when most of the people are content with the way things are. At the most, they confess, there are only a handful of people who want to see their church do more. I always respond that you […] Read More

I am often asked when I lead conferences, “What do you think is the future of the small church?” My consistent response has been that I think we will see the number of smaller churches increase in the coming years. The medium-size congregations, by contrast, will struggle most, as they will be forced to offer […] Read More

As I meet with the pastor search committees of smaller churches, there is usually a concern that it will be difficult to find a pastor. That concern is well founded. Most denominational leaders will tell you that one of their biggest struggles is to find pastors to serve in their smaller churches. Churches that are […] Read More

There are so many positive things a minister or church can do with social media that it is hard for me to understand why some avoid it with a passion. I think every pastor and church should use social media to connect with the congregation and the community they serve. However, churches and ministers also […] Read More

Hillary Clinton’s use of private email accounts for official business while serving as the U.S. Secretary of State has dominated headlines in recent weeks. Her response to the controversy did not satisfy many Republicans and even some Democrats, so this is likely to remain as issue for some time, especially if she does announce as […] Read More

Everything is about relationships in a small church. Small churches are family churches. Sometimes the membership is made up primarily of two to four families who are related through blood or marriage. The matriarchs and patriarchs of these families are often the leaders in the church. If a pastor serving such a church does not […] Read More

As a Navy veteran, I have been frustrated for the past few days over the recent apology Brian Williams issued for his statements that he was aboard a helicopter that was hit by rocket-propelled grenades during the invasion of Iraq. Eyewitnesses of the event in question claim that Williams’ account is false and that the […] Read More

It is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller churches to find pastors due to a growing number of retiring ministers and a shrinking number of younger ministers willing to serve smaller churches. Therefore, there are at least six realities that pastor search committees in smaller churches need to accept. 1. It will become more difficult for […] Read More

I frequently receive e-mails from bivocational pastors who tell me they feel lonely and ignored by their denominations. Because of their other jobs, they often cannot attend pastor gatherings held during the daytime. Many tell me they seldom, if ever, see their denominational leaders. I once asked a bivocational pastor who was seeking a move […] Read More