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Author Dennis Bickers

Dennis Bickers is a church consultant and author. He served previously as the bivocational pastor of Hebron Baptist Church near Madison, Indiana, for 20 years followed by a 14-year ministry as a resource minister with the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky.

The lack of civility in U.S. public conversation has increased in recent years, and the current presidential election is making it even worse. Far too much of what I hear and see expressed in conversations between people who disagree on various topics is rude, vulgar and crass. Most disturbing is that many Christians can be […] Read More

I assisted dozens of churches as they sought a new pastor during my 14 years serving as a judicatory minister. It was always a challenge to find a pastor for smaller churches, and it became increasingly more difficult to find pastors for medium and larger churches as the years went by. As I talk with […] Read More

Much that has been said in recent days regarding all the shooting incidents has generated more heat than light. The one thing nearly everyone agrees on is that each shooting is a tragedy that should not have happened. The disagreements come from how to prevent such incidents from happening again. First, is dealing with sin. […] Read More

Much talk about the state of the local church today is negative. As some look at declining attendance and giving statistics, they wonder if the church will continue to exist much longer. It would be a big mistake to count the church out. After all, Jesus Christ said the forces of hell would not prevail […] Read More

There will soon be a paradigm shift as Millennials begin stepping into leadership roles in every organization including churches. Many of us currently in church leadership were trained to manage organizations. Millennials will not be content to manage. They want to lead. They want to make a difference. According to a study reported in a […] Read More

The collegiality among auctioneers offers a model for Christian churches. I began conducting auctions several years ago, and it’s not uncommon for other auctioneers to attend my auctions. One of the things I always try to do is introduce any auctioneer who might be in attendance and ask them about upcoming auctions. They often do […] Read More

There is an elephant in the room that many churches are trying to ignore: future finances. Many small, struggling churches survive financially today because of the faithful giving of people in the past. When churches were full of the Builder generation, the giving was strong enough to allow many of them to save significant sums […] Read More

What is the proper compensation for a bivocational minister? Churches who ask me this question are often concerned that they are not adequately compensating their bivocational minister but are not sure what would be considered fair. Others might be considering calling a bivocational minister for the first time and wonder what would be fair compensation. […] Read More

I worked regularly with pastor search committees in Indiana and Kentucky during the last 14 years as an American Baptist Churches resource minister. My role was to help them through our process of searching for a pastor and to give them information on persons that might meet their criteria. Finding qualified persons for smaller churches […] Read More

I was invited to preach at a local Baptist association’s Lenten service. For the past three years, this association has come together during the Lenten season to hold joint worship services on Sunday evenings. Each week they meet in a different church with a different pastor speaking. Often, still another church in the association will […] Read More