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Author David Wheeler

David L. Wheeler is adjunct professor of theology at Palmer Seminary in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He served previously as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon, and as Professor of Theology and Ethics at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. He appeared in the documentary, “Sacred Texts, Social Duty.”

Casting blame for the COVID-19 pandemic is instinctual. We should fix our gaze on our own practices which violate the healthy interface between human beings and the nonhuman denizens of God´s creation. […] Read More

At a time when the world is on fire and the web of life is fraying, the theology and ethics of creation care make up the most important issue facing followers of Jesus and the Church of Jesus Christ. […] Read More

In a global economy that views our planet as a repository of resources to exploit, the theme of peace during Advent calls us to imagine and live an alternative economy of simplicity and generosity. We must seek a ‘green’ peace. […] Read More

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Many Baptist core beliefs, while grounded in Scripture, reflect central themes of U.S. history and are a tenor of our times. While U.S. Baptists love and honor their nation, their ultimate loyalty must be to Christ and his reign. […] Read More

In a world full of global crises, worrying about the plight of insects seems insignificant. But think about this: As we decimate insect populations, we are literally unraveling the global ecosystem from the bottom up. […] Read More

One of the most significant causes of conflict – whether between individuals or among nations – is the conviction that reality revolves around ourselves. But God’s creation does not uniquely revolve around us. […] Read More

The United States is the symbol of freedom. However, instead of welcoming immigrants fleeing gang warfare, prostitution, rape and grinding poverty, we lob tear gas at them. What kind of picture is that? […] Read More

Labor Day anchors the last long weekend of summer. Vacations are ending—at least for some. The number of youthful, well-heeled retirees these days makes travel and leisure activities more year-round than in previous generations. Children and youth are heading back to school. Millions of Americans make one last mad dash to the theme parks or […] Read More

Despite the importance of work, the theme is rarely addressed at church. Yet the Scriptures are full of references to work. Can you name some? Children and youth are heading back to school. Millions of Americans make one last mad dash to the theme parks or the beach, or stay home for a last lazy […] Read More