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Author David McCollum

Vernon Pittman witnessed grandfathers, fathers and sons go to prison during his three decades as a Texas correctional officer. Having retired as a prison warden, Pittman has set up a scholarship foundation for the offspring of inmates. “I started a scholarship foundation that offers college scholarships to the children and grandchildren of offenders as well […] Read More

Women in ministry, long kept in the shadows by many Baptist churches and organizations, surged into the spotlight recently. The reflections on a cultural shift took many shapes and forms at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas assembly April 27-28 at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church in Little Rock. “In this journey of calling to ministry, […] Read More

For almost a century, Lottie Moon has been a major icon for fundraising for bold mission efforts by the Southern Baptist Convention. She is hailed as a late 19th- and early 20th-century pioneer for efforts on the foreign mission field, particularly to China. She was also one of the most instrumental figures in the formation […] Read More

A central question raised during the premier screening of “Gospel Without  Borders” in Little Rock, Ark., concerned how goodwill Christians can be a soothing breeze in the face of a strong and tumultuous anti-immigration tide. The new documentary, which presents stories in five states that identify various elements of the immigration issue (from heartbreaking […] Read More

After the premier screening of the documentary “Gospel Without Borders” on Sept. 13 in Little Rock, Ark., panelists passionately stretched the boundaries of perceptions about immigration – from myths and stereotypical thinking to moral issues, legal nuances and the biblical mandate to care for the stranger in our midst. Three of the people interviewed in […] Read More

Editor’s note: Click here to learn about the documentary “Sacred Texts, Social Duty.” A clichéd question took a bottom-line twist: What would Jesus do about the national debt? The question was raised by Matt Cook, senior pastor at Second Baptist Church of Little Rock, Ark., during a panel discussion following the documentary on taxes, […] Read More

The accused, who has often admitted guilt and asks for grace, is placed in the middle of a large circle. The villagers, some of whom are victims, gather about him. One by one, those in the outer circle remind the guilty person in the middle of something good he has displayed. “And that’s the punishment. […] Read More

Two simple things: a handshake and a well-worn work hat. They’re each down-to-earth basics that represented progress toward improving relations between Christians and Muslims in two North Carolina communities. At the luncheon at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Assembly in Charlotte, N.C., Chuck McGathy, pastor of First Baptist Church in Madison, N.C., and Ken Massey, […] Read More

Three individuals described how they built relational bridges over the cultural minefield of Christian-Muslim tensions. They told their stories at the annual luncheon during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Assembly in Charlotte, N.C. While noting that joining hands and forces doesn’t mean marching in theological lockstep, bonding experiences can occur in many ways, according to […] Read More

Wendell Griffen grew up in Delight, a small town in southwest Arkansas. But as far as education, it was no delight.   Griffen – formerly a judge on the Arkansas Court of Appeals and now pastor of New Millennium Church – was bused to elementary school and initially to a high school in Okolona, several […] Read More