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Author David Hull

David Hull is the southeast coordinator for the Center for Healthy Churches and lives in Watkinsville, Georgia. He was previously the pastor of First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Leadership in Turbulent Times” focuses on how the difficulties faced by four U.S. presidents made them each a better person and leader. It offers a leadership lesson for your church. […] Read More

One of the problems in the church today: We draw lines in the sand between liberal and conservative and tend to camp out on one side of the line or the other. Can we listen to the same thing from both sides? […] Read More

Researchers at Harvard University recently completed a study of the factors that lead to a healthier, longer life. Using lifestyle questionnaires and medical records of 123,000 volunteers, they determined that the presence of five healthy habits in a person’s life will significantly increase the number of years that a person will live. Men who follow […] Read More

I like the story of the man from the Northeast who was in the South for a conference. He went to a diner for breakfast and asked for eggs, sausage and toast. As the server brought the order, the man noticed a little white puddle on his plate. “What’s that?” he wondered. “Grits,” she replied. […] Read More