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Author David Fitch

David E. Fitch (PhD, Northwestern University) is the B. R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary and the cofounder of Missio Alliance. He is the founding pastor of Life on the Vine Christian Community, a missional church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and is currently on the pastoral staff at Peace of Christ Church in Westmont, Illinois.

We’re living in angry times, and churches show little difference. Imagine the amazing witness churches would have today if they were known by the way they reconcile with, love and restore one another. Houston, we have a problem. […] Read More

There are times when Christians feel forced to join in with a “cause” in the world. Most often we are presented with a claim for justice in this “cause.” We are told that to be silent amid this injustice is to already make a choice to join in with the sustaining of that injustice. And […] Read More

I grew up in a time when evidentiary apologetics was big in youth groups. It was not uncommon to use Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” as a youth group curriculum. Then came Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christianity” in the period of the megachurch, followed by Tim Keller’s “Reason for God,” to name […] Read More

The life of being a bivocational minister is really a work of art. There is no set formula for bivocational. It is a navigation that changes with time. It ebbs and flows through the entire history of a missionary. It cannot be considered a strategy. It is a chosen way of life. To me, it […] Read More

You would think moving people from serving their church in its traditional organized functions (like the worship service, discipleship and internally organized justice programs) to serving in the neighborhood in mission would be an easy transition. It is just a shift of service, moving from serving on Sunday regularly to serving in the neighborhood regularly. […] Read More

The “least of these my brothers” (“adelphoi” in Greek) historically has been a controversial phrase in Matthew 25:40. Some have argued (the particularist interpretation) that because Jesus often referred to his disciples as “brothers,” he must be referring here in verse 40 to his suffering disciples with this phrase. Jesus intends to say, therefore, that […] Read More

In the parable of “the rich man and Lazarus” (Luke 16:19-31), Jesus describes a scene where the poor man, Lazarus, now in heaven by Abraham’s side, looks over the chasm at the rich man who now stands in the flames of Hades. The rich man begs Abraham to have Lazarus, who once ate the leftovers […] Read More

Church planting in the United States and Canada has been traditionally all about gathering a large crowd, making a big splash in a community and building a building. Success is measured by how big and how fast. Though I recognize there is some legitimacy in gathering converts quickly, this often happens within the Christendom parts […] Read More

More than 3.5 million books are published in the world every year while around 500,000 people complete a marathon. This means it’s seven times easier for somebody to publish a book than to run a marathon. It’s even easier to start a blog. If you’re skillful in using Twitter, it’s not hard to gain a […] Read More

The multi-site video venue church model (MSVV) has become in vogue among larger churches in America over the past 15 years. Some MSVV churches share the same mission statement, doctrinal statement, approach to worship and preaching, yet give independent status to each of its venues. Each site has its own pastor. Others set up their […] Read More