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Author David Emmanuel Goatley

People who believe that young people are hopeless should have been with me June 20-26 at the 55th annual Lott Carey Youth Seminar on the campus of Shaw University in Raleigh, N.C.   Nearly 500 youth and their advisors spent a week for missional learning, serving, worship and fellowship. One of the most beautiful sights […] Read More

The New Baptist Covenant Celebration was a great success. Bringing together Baptists from various denominational communities, theological traditions, ethnicities and geographic locations was an unprecedented venture. Those who participated sensed that we were at the threshold of an amazing moment in the history of the church in North America. That success did not emerge out […] Read More

Baptists in North America work apart far more frequently than we work together. We seem to prefer independence over interdependence. The New Baptist Covenant is an attempt to collaborate around sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, with attention to its impact on public and private morality. This is an effort to be more intentional to […] Read More