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Author David Coffey

I have a friend called Harry whose 90-year-old grandmother died a few weeks ago. Eugenie Tabourian was an Armenian Christian from Jerusalem. She and her husband fled from Turkey during the Armenian genocide of 1915 and arrived in the Holy Land, which in those days was bustling with Christians. Today, many indigenous Christians have left […] Read More

I have been able during the past 16 years to witness at close hand the state of church relations in the United Kingdom, and for the past four years as moderator of the Free Churches Group have enjoyed an even closer encounter with the inner workings of the ecumenical scene. My first agenda item contends […] Read More

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1. Around the world there have been special seminars and public gatherings to call attention to the fact that 40 million individuals have HIV. Among those infected are members of our own Baptist community. Yet HIV/AIDS is not just a one-time-a-year issue. It is a global issue that demands our […] Read More