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Author Daniel Schweissing

Interfaith cooperation was the last thing on my mind. Having grown up in a conservative Baptist church, studied in an evangelical seminary and served as an American Baptist missionary in the predominantly Christian countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, I really never gave much thought to what relationships with people of other faiths might […] Read More

Bart Campolo’s story is well-known. Confronted with his own mortality following a 2011 bike crash that left him with a severe concussion, Bart – the son of evangelical icon Tony Campolo – left behind his Christian faith and nearly three decades of frontline urban ministry to become a secular humanist. Tony and Bart Campolo’s recent […] Read More

Sutherland Springs, Texas. Thornton, Colorado. Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlottesville, Virginia. This past weekend’s shooting at a small Texas Baptist congregation is just the latest of many violent tragedies our country has experienced over the past few months. And it’s part of an ever growing list of tragic events that have accumulated over the past several […] Read More