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Author Colin Harris

Colin Harris is professor emeritus of religious studies at Mercer University and a member of Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

An interesting phrase is inserted into Isaiah’s vision of the peaceful world that will emerge from Assyrian hostilities. The prophet declares in Isaiah 11:1-6: “A shoot will come forth from the stump of Jesse … who will judge by what he sees and hears … the wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall […] Read More’s E3 Initiative – educating, engaging and empowering people of faith – has prompted some thinking about just what happens when the educational dimension of discipleship is embraced, engaged and put to powerful use. As usual, I find that the church’s self-portrait in the book of Acts offers helpful guidance for dealing with faith’s “growing […] Read More

I’ve been losing a daily bet for some time now that things can’t get any more (you fill in the word) – crazy, embarrassing, silly, preposterous, unbelievable – on the public stage. As sure as I make such a wager, the next day brings a new level of disarray and disregard for wholesome thought and […] Read More

What we traditionally call the “doctrine of atonement” has been a recent conversation topic around the theological table. It has been a helpful dialogue in bringing some familiar images and formulas into the clarifying light of careful reflection. Unlike “big” doctrines like that of the Trinity and Christology, the concept of atonement did not have […] Read More

It appears that the U.S. is approaching a national tipping point that will mark a reorientation of our thinking on the matter of leadership. This will be a difficult time for many who have placed confidence in a cadre of political leadership that seems to be crumbling under the weight of the inconsistencies between what […] Read More

Two contemporaries who represent significant landmarks in modern education passed away last week. This prompted some reflection on vision, determination and an effort to be on the right side of history. The first was Zell Miller – history teacher, lieutenant governor and governor of Georgia, who gained national prominence as a U.S. senator and presidential […] Read More

Incarceration is, by definition, a problem because its reason for being is a response to behavior outside the legal norms of a society. It is also an arena for many “problems within the problem” because of the challenges inherent in its application and management. Studies show the clear and well-known correlation of such factors as […] Read More

It has been about a month now since the presentation of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Illumination Project report, and the conversation in response to it has continued, as it should. People and entities have pondered and even acted upon affiliation and support of the CBF because of the adjustment to the hiring policy, while others […] Read More

Threading the ethical needle is always a delicate matter in institutions and agencies that serve a diverse community. This is especially true when an issue is seen from a wide variety of deeply held perspectives among the people who make up the community. The evolving values that accompany a faith journey present a significant challenge […] Read More

It had been a while since I stopped by Jeremiah’s place to get his take on our current situation. In our last conversation, a year and a half ago, he identified some features of pre-exilic Judah that had an eerie similarity to what we were experiencing at the time. I was anxious for an update, […] Read More