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Author Cliff Vaughn

“I unplug to __________.” If you unplugged for a day and got off the grid, what would you do? Read? Sleep? Get outside? Catch up over coffee? These are some of the planned activities when people unplug from sundown to sundown on March 7-8 – the National Day of Unplugging (NDU). The NDU asks folks […] Read More

If there were such a thing as the First Family of Corrections in the state of Virginia, we surely found it when producing “Through the Door,”’s new documentary on faith and prisons. The Myers family – dad J.L., mom Reba, son Randy and daughter Jo – stand as a reminder that ordinary people lead […] Read More

Our children, ages 10 and 7, have spent most of their childhood volunteering with my wife and me at The Next Door (TND), a Nashville-based ministry for women in crisis. TND began in 2003 as an outgrowth of First Baptist Church in downtown Nashville, as a way to help women emerging from incarceration. More than […] Read More

Shooting – with a camera – has a place in prison. For’s new documentary “Through the Door” – on prisons and faith – producer Robert Parham and I visited five states. We shot in and around prisons in four of them: Tennessee, Virginia, Texas and Indiana. Shooting in church is familiar; I’ve done it […] Read More


As critics and commentators discuss Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” now playing in wide release, they typically mention two of Spielberg’s other historical dramas: “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan.” Understandable, but lacking. “Amistad” is the one to bring up. Spielberg’s 1997 drama about the 1839 slave rebellion on the ship La Amistad really focuses on the […] Read More

“There is no such thing as an autonomous Palestinian society,” says John Hagee in the documentary “With God on Our Side,” which examines Christian support for the state of Israel. For that topic, Christian pastor and author John Hagee is ground zero, and he consented to an on-camera interview with Porter Speakman Jr., producer and […] Read More

“Street Paper”

The documentary “Street Paper” is a good example of why we need film festivals. The feature project, which made its world premiere at the 43rd installation of the Nashville Film Festival, covers TheContributor, the most circulated “street newspaper” in the country. Demand to see the film prompted festival organizers to move the screening to a […] Read More

What’s with B? Baylor. Bears. Baptists. Mercer. Bears. Baptists. Belmont. Bruins. Baptists (no longer technically, but still). Back to the Baylor Bears – home to Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. Home to the women’s basketball national champions. Now home to major NCAA violations in its men’s and women’s basketball programs. And home to Baptists. […] Read More

Gambling and Christianity go together like oil and water. At least that’s been the prevailing attitude. Hence the shock of an idea of a group of Christians – many of them pastors – devoting themselves to the blackjack table. That’s the premise of the newly released documentary “Holy Rollers” (not to be confused with the […] Read More


“Undefeated” won the Oscar for best documentary on Sunday, and today it begins a nationwide rollout. Imagine “Hoop Dreams” mixed with “Facing the Giants.” Or “Remember the Titans” with a dash of “The Rookie.” Or “The Blind Side” with … You get the idea. “Undefeated,” about the Manassas (Memphis) High School football team’s 2009 season, […] Read More