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Author Chris Hall

Everyone should have access to clean water wherever they live in the world. It’s a basic need that we require to survive and thrive. But millions of people don’t have that access and that is a challenge to the church: Should we respond to this huge need for clean water or see it as not […] Read More

I love the idea of being “green.” Buy organic; recycle; carbon offset; take public transport or walk, instead of taking the car – I am up for all of that. And then my good thoughts and intentions come grinding to a halt. It comes down to one thing: money. If you buy organic, your food […] Read More

How do you cope with living through the war in Syria? Denial helps. “Most live in false hope,” says Fares, a Christian nongovernmental organization worker originally from Aleppo, who visits Syria every month to support the church there. “You want to encourage each other, even though you know this hope is not real. There are […] Read More

Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs for short) may not sound very exciting, but they are set to make a huge impact on how governments, nongovernmental organizations, businesses and BMS World Mission approach the world’s problems. Here are four (mostly) fun facts you need to know to get up to speed with them: 1. They’re a […] Read More

On a recent Sunday night, BMS World Mission worker Ann MacFarlane received a text. “Come to the port in the early hours of Monday morning.” If MacFarlane had been back in Reggio Calabria on Italy’s southern coast, she would have been there at the port with others from her church, ready with clothes, bottled water […] Read More

With more than 6,000 people killed and 1.2 million internally displaced in the last year, how should the global church respond to the Ukrainian conflict? Around 60 delegates and observers grappled with this question at the London Consultation, a special event organized by BMS and Mission Eurasia on April 28 at Lambeth Palace, the official […] Read More

Soaking wet and standing in the only clothes they have. When BMS World Mission’s Ann MacFarlane sees refugees arrive after a perilous boat journey to southern Italy, they are in a shocking state. The boats keep on coming. People desperately searching for a better life, reluctantly leaving their homes hundreds of miles away because to […] Read More

Morality is defined by the character of God, Tanya Walker said at Catalyst Live. An atheistic view of morality creates problems that even atheists recognize, Walker told Catalyst Live in Sheffield and Reading, England. Walker, who is an apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Europe, said that without belief in God, there is no such […] Read More

We have heard about the atrocities, the thousands of Christians displaced and the ancient churches being destroyed by Islamic State (IS). Is this a temporary battle that U.S. firepower will help win or are we witnessing the end of Christianity in Iraq? “The history of the church in Iraq has been of persecution from the […] Read More

The West should be helping Christians to stay in the Middle East, not offering them visas to escape, BMS World Mission trustee Nabil Costa says. Costa, executive director of the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development (LSESD), a BMS partner, is calling on Christians in the West to not only pray for the situation […] Read More