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Author Charlotte Tubbs

When Macarena Aldape cleans a wound or treats a rash, her Banjara patients often ask her why she is helping them.  The Banjara people’s socio-economic status often limits their access to healthcare, education and jobs with decent wages. “The same God who created you created me and loves us,” Macarena Aldape, a registered nurse, tells […] Read More

Two Oklahoma Baptist leaders are calling for Baptists to take action to assure that governments keep their financial commitments to poorer countries even in the midst of a global financial downturn. In October, some 117 million people in 131 countries took part in a United Nations-led campaign to demand that world leaders keep their promises […] Read More

A British Baptist organization and students around the world are promoting efforts this week to raise awareness of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where more than five million people have died since 1996.The idea for Breaking the Silence Congo Week was conceived by Kambale Musavuli, a Congolese who in 1998 was […] Read More

Public education advocates say a Bible course curriculum recently recommended by four Texas education board members is too evangelistic and that such public school courses should provide a broader perspective of the Bible. The education board members said in an e-mail that local school districts should make their own decisions in selecting Bible course curricula, […] Read More