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Author Charles W. Deweese

Sixth in a series: How should we Baptists treat our history? We can approach Baptist history in various ways. We can read it for pleasure, to advance our knowledge or to prepare for a test. We can use it to find justification for positions we have already taken or to find arguments against positions other […] Read More

Faith and Sports

Seventh in a series: Today, about a dozen religions can be described as major world religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Has the time now come to add one more to the list: Sports? Individuals and organizations around the globe spend billions of dollars on sports each year–building stadiums, paying players, buying […] Read More

Controversy can erupt at any time in a Baptist church, association, convention, fellowship, alliance, federation or union. In fact, Baptists have experienced crises at all these levels. Given the democratic nature of Baptist polity (and efforts to override that polity), disagreements and arguments are inevitable. Read daily Baptist news, and one will quickly discover that […] Read More

Baptists and Alcohol

Every year, as the result of misusing alcoholic beverages, many Baptists die in accidents; batter their spouses and children; abandon their marriages and families; experience mental, emotional, and physical sickness; fail to report to their workplaces; lose their jobs; commit crimes; enter prisons; become alcoholics; and check in at rehab units. Many other Baptists enjoy […] Read More

LEARNING FROM BAPTIST HISTORY Editor’s note: As part of an emphasis leading up to Baptists’ 400th anniversary in 2009, is running a series of columns by staff of the Baptist History and Heritage Society about lessons from Baptist history and why they are relevant today. Thousands of Baptist individuals, churches, associations, conventions, and other […] Read More