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Author Charles Revis

Five trends will greatly impact U.S. congregations in the next three years and beyond. None of these is a big surprise. However, it’s important to be aware of these and face them courageously. Trend 1: Church turnarounds are hard. A major part of the work of judicatories these days is helping churches stop their decline, […] Read More

Have you ever wondered why a sure-fire church program works well in one church, but not another? Here’s my take on that phenomena with insight from the story of Abraham and Ishmael. God made a promise to Abraham. “‘You will have a son of your own, and everything you have will be his.’ Then the […] Read More

All but a few churches in our region are struggling with their finances. Giving is down, expenses are up. Many of the ensuing financial discussions focus on what should be cut to meet ends. We need more insights on how to increase income. I had a recent discussion about church finances with a pastor who […] Read More