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Author Charles McGathy

Commander Charles "Chuck" McGathy served in the Chaplain Corps of the United States Navy for 23 years. He has been the pastor of First Baptist Church of Madison, North Carolina, since 2006.

Sen. John McCain, who died Aug. 25, modeled extraordinary courage as a prisoner of war, a presidential candidate and in the face of his own death, which should inspire the admiration and respect of all Americans. […] Read More

I am one of 22 million veterans who comprise 1.3 percent of the population of the United States. Most of us have served in times of war. Today, the largest number of living veterans served in Vietnam, followed closely by those of us who served in one or both of the Gulf Wars. I’m also […] Read More

A pastor new to his church removed the American flag from the sanctuary. He received a death threat as a result. His leadership in that church was brief and unhappy. Meanwhile, at another church, a patriotic holiday rolled around. So did the military hardware. The flag was not only prominently displayed, it was paraded into […] Read More

I am an American. I am patriotic and I love our nation. I’m fascinated by her people, her history, her struggles as well as her moments of strength and vision. I am a Christian. My first and greatest allegiance is to God. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God expressed through the worldwide […] Read More

Editor’s note: The story below will be included in remarks by Charles McGathy, pastor of First Baptist Church in Madison, N.C., at a 9/11 ceremony this Sunday. I’d like to share with you a story. This happened in the days following 9/11 while I was serving as Command Chaplain at Naval Base Coronado, Calif. It […] Read More