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Author Charles Foster Johnson

Charles Foster Johnson is pastor of Bread in Fort Worth, Texas, and founder and executive director of Pastors for Children, a nationwide network of faith leaders mobilized for public education ministry and advocacy.

Schools have been and remain at the forefront of mission for all faiths. Faith communities founded the first schools in America. Education is a universal human right accorded every child by virtue of being on God’s planet. […] Read More

As we celebrate Public Schools Week, and the teachers who serve our public schoolchildren with such extraordinary dedication, it behooves us to review the case again. Here are six reasons. […] Read More

The moral foundation of public education is supported in Scripture in a number of important passages. In Genesis, God brings all the animals to the human to see what the human would call them. This labeling and naming enterprise is education, and in a very real sense, God is the first educator. In order to […] Read More

Editor’s note: See Brian Kaylor’s story, “Ken Starr Joins Baptist Church – Without Attending” Jana and I recently joined First Baptist Church of Desdemona, our small ranching community about 90 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. We accepted the invitation of the fellowship to join our individual faith to the corporate (from the Latin meaning […] Read More

Editor’s note: This column was adapted from Johnson’s commencement address at Howard Payne University on May 8, 2010. We are here today because of love: the love we have experienced from God, the love of that God incarnated in Christ Jesus, the love of our family without whom we would not be present at this […] Read More

My friends on the Baylor University board of regents are urging patient understanding from our Texas Baptist family concerning the appointment of Kenneth Starr as president of the university. The call to reason and patience – two clear scriptural virtues – is timely for those of us who are confused and dismayed by this appointment. […] Read More

The Italian government’s plan to fingerprint the Roma people, commonly known as Gypsies, must be condemned by Baptists everywhere. For a number of years, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has focused its global mission energies in ministering the gospel to this unreached and neglected people group. The CBF has been courageous to advocate for these people […] Read More

Anyone who has been around Baptist preachers very long knows that the old simile about us being like manure is embarrassingly true: spread us around and we do a little good, but get us all together and we stink to the high heavens. So, like many, I came to the New Baptist Covenant meeting week […] Read More

North American Baptists will soon have one of the best opportunities in our history to address the racial divisions that have too long defined us. On Jan. 30, thousands of Baptists from across racial, denominational, theological and geographical lines will gather in Atlanta for a New Baptist Covenant Celebration. But this reconciliation will not happen […] Read More

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, I’m not only thinking of the importance of gratitude for our many gifts, but also of the gift of gratitude itself. It is true that we are blessed beyond measure. God really has done “far more abundantly than all that we can ask or think” in our lives. […] Read More