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Author Bruce Nolan

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) After months of urging from other Baptists around the country, the Rev. Fred Luter told his African-American congregation that he will seek to become the first black man to lead the predominantly white Southern Baptist Convention. Several Baptist leaders said Luter becomes the prohibitive favorite for the post, to be filled in […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Millie Campbell slipped the transmission into reverse and backed her blue Chevrolet away from her spotless brick home. “Oh God,” she said, “we thank you for the blood of Jesus.” Then the 76-year-old cranked the wheel straight, put the car into drive, and headed slowly up Frenchmen Street, one hand on the […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) A Catholic high school that was the country’s last refuge of corporal punishment has ended a legal struggle over control of the school and agreed that the days of paddling are over. “There will be no attempt to reinstate corporal punishment,” said Dan Davillier, a board member of St. Augustine High School […] Read More

One Torah, Two Tales

METAIRIE, La. (RNS) Until recently, two remarkable stories surrounded the beautiful hand-lettered Torah scroll at Congregation Beth Israel Story No. 1 was that the scroll was nearly lost in the Ukraine during the Holocaust, then recently rescued and impeccably restored. Story No. 2 was that it came as a gift from strangers, a Maryland family […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Thousands of mourners paid their final respects Thursday (Oct. 6) to legendary Archbishop Philip M. Hannan as his casket was slowly lowered beneath the sanctuary of St. Louis Cathedral to rest near eight predecessors. “We thank God this day for Philip M. Hannan,” current Archbishop Gregory Aymond said after a two-hour, 15-minute […] Read More

(RNS) Catholics around the country are being asked to object in writing to a new federal rule that will require Catholic ministries to offer birth control coverage to their employees. In particular, Catholic bishops say a “conscience clause” that ought to exempt church organizations is too narrow and should be rewritten. The U.S. Conference of […] Read More

(RNS) The Roman Catholic priest who faces expulsion from the priesthood and his religious order for advocating for women to be ordained as priests is refusing to recant and has hired a church lawyer. “What they’re asking me to do is lie,” the Rev. Roy Bourgeois said in an interview on Tuesday (Aug. 9) from […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Nearly 200 pastors, policymakers and other New Orleans-area Christians were urged to sign a declaration circulating nationally in support of traditional marriage, protection of life and freedom of religious conscience, three values said to be under threat in American culture. The so-called Manhattan Declaration, unveiled in late 2009, is an ecumenical manifesto […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) The embattled president of the nation’s last Catholic school to employ corporal punishment said he plans to remain on the job in spite of a weekend order that abruptly recalled him to Baltimore. The Rev. John Raphael unexpectedly appeared at a Wednesday (June 8) rally at St. Augustine High School, electrifying hundreds […] Read More

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Archbishop Gregory Aymond says he has firsthand accounts from students who said they were injured by paddling at a Catholic high school, challenging school supporters who have filed suit over the claims. Aymond’s disclosure came as parents and alumni of St. Augustine High School challenged the accuracy of a 2009 report from […] Read More