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Author Brock Ratcliff

Recent news of the “meltdown” of Mars Hill Church in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. has generated much commentary on the character of Mark Driscoll, the fate of Mars Hill Church, and the nature of multisite mega-churches. My generation of church leaders has found great success in the establishment and growth of multisite churches. […] Read More

My school district has adopted a new mathematics curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, which set forth what a student should have learned by the end of each year in school. While the mathematics we are expected to teach our students has not changed in the last 200 years, the pedagogical […] Read More

The Common Core State Standards guiding public education have received a lot of press in the last year, most of it negative. There has been a strong campaign to combat the misinformation about what exactly the standards are and how they will affect local school districts. However, there persists an attitude of resistance and defiance […] Read More


I was fully prepared to love the new “Godzilla” film. After the debacle that was the 1998 version, anything would be a better adaptation of the legendary monster. The new film did not disappoint. The monsters looked great, the destruction was grand and thorough; this was no mock-up of Tokyo being trampled by a man […] Read More

I am relatively new to the church year and worshipping in a congregation guided by the Revised Common Lectionary. As a Baptist of Southern Baptist heritage, I was largely unaware that there were seasons through which the church progressed each year. I was only aware of Advent because the Catholic church in my town placed […] Read More


I came away from seeing Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, “Noah,” both confused and a little irritated. I wasn’t sure if I had been informed, entertained or inspired. Much of the buzz around the film has been focused on the director’s comment that “Noah” is “the least biblical biblical film ever made.” Much of the pre-release […] Read More

ABC has been promoting its new drama “Resurrection” for months with the tag, “What if someone you lost … returned?” The premise of the series is that at least two people who had died in the small town of Arcadia, Mo., have returned to life and have come home to those they had left behind. […] Read More

“Saving Mr. Banks”

There is one word, one line, at the heart of “Saving Mr. Banks” – “enough.” The film tells the story of Walt Disney’s negotiation with Pamela Travers, author of “Mary Poppins,” for the rights to the novel. There are three storylines present in the film, though. Disney’s frustration with Travers’ micromanagement of the production of […] Read More

The prophetic role of the preacher is something that needs to be emphasized in Baptist life. We have become something other than prophets in recent years. I read and hear more sermons that are historical explorations of Scripture or moral lessons suitable for children than I do those that strike me as prophetic. What is […] Read More

I recently saw the newest installment of the Superman franchise, “The Man of Steel.” It was a powerful, entertaining and thinly veiled allegory for anyone paying attention. A recent CNN article has described how the producers of the film invited pastors and other church leaders to view advanced screenings and to use studio-supplied notes from […] Read More