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Author Britt Towery

Studs Terkel died last Halloween. The author-host-actor-activist and symbol of Chicago was asked once what his epitaph would be. His reply: “Curiosity did not kill this cat.” At a recent memorial to Studs Terkel, André Schiffrin, Stud’s editor and publisher, said, “Terkel ‘the intellectual’ raised popular oral history to an importance and respectability.” Louis Studs […] Read More

When Friday the 13th comes along, some of us surmise something unfortunate might happen. Distant friend and confidant Wu Pu-yi says that such superstitions are world-wide. Fear of the number 13 is one of the most common superstitions in the Western world. Some hotels have no 13th floor, and some airlines fly without a seat […] Read More

There are those who justify suffering as part of what contributes to making strong character. Many fine writers have written from this viewpoint ”that there is value in the troubles, sorrows and traumas we encounter. The German playwright, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, is said to have said, “I never had an affliction which did not […] Read More

One of the most disturbing wars in history began with British protectorate rule over Palestine. Begun in the 1920s, the “Holy Land” war continues between Arabs and Jews to this day. With such tremendous hatred for one another, will a solution ever be found? While teaching at Houston Baptist University 30 years ago, I invited […] Read More

Year of the Ox Plows In

The Chinese have a way, common in Asia, of representing each New Year with several things, primarily animals. For centuries, they have used 12 different animals to represent each year in a 12-year cycle. According to their lunar calendar we are in the last days of the Year of the Rat. The Year of the […] Read More

In November, Sen. Barack Obama entered into history as the first African American to be elected president of the United States. Next Tuesday he will take the oath of office and become the 44th president of our country. Like any politician, he made many promises. He promised change, he wants to overcome centuries of prejudice […] Read More

Our courageous, dedicated and selfless Congress has jumped all over the CEOs for their outlandish perks and bonuses. The Senate and House committees all took the stage to let the home folks know how concerned they were for how our tax dollars are wasted by these captains of industry and finance. (If you don’t watch […] Read More

Santa Claus and Pogo

All over the world Santa Claus is possibly the most easily recognized fictional personality. In various forms, styles and dress this old saint has been around for thousands of years. This character has monks and rakes in his ancestry. It took the father of American political cartooning, Thomas Nast, to create the modern image of […] Read More

The Attitude of Gratitude

You probably never heard of Folliot Sandford Pierpoint. (With a name like that Obama doesn’t sound strange.) One beautiful spring day in 1864 Folliot was out walking the countryside, admiring the blue sky reflected in the ocean, the ambling AvonRiver with its brilliant array of flowers so striking. He was overwhelmed with what God had […] Read More

China gets hammered again in the annual report on international religious freedom, as they do every year. Having visited (not as a tourist) churches in cities and villages in 21 of China’s provinces I have to admit there is not the freedom of religion enjoyed (and exploited) by believers in America. Instead of constantly criticizing […] Read More