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Author Britt Towery

Rusia (Russia) is in Suria (Syria). The names of these two countries are made up of the same Arabic letters. According to Larbi Sadiki, senior lecturer in Middle East politics at England’s University of Exeter, the interchange of these names and letters means more than word play for anagram enthusiasts. Russia’s presence in Syria is […] Read More

Mountains are there to be climbed. Beyond the amazing scenery, there are cross-cultural experiences and challenges awaiting the daring among us. The first time I took an interest in mountain climbing was after reading the 1953 book “Seven Years in Tibet,” the experiences of noted Austrian mountain climber and skier Heinrich Harrer. Harrer could have […] Read More

When you hear a whistle in a football game, you know somebody did something wrong. It’s the same way in the real world. A whistle-blower is a person who raises a concern about wrongdoing in an organization. Usually, this person is from that organization. This misconduct may be classified in many ways, including fraud, health […] Read More

Christmas Day comes in all sizes. By sizes, I mean our Christmas days have come with memories – good or bad, happy or sad – of all sizes. Beyond the pleasant, peaceful and meaningful day of giving and receiving gifts is remembering that God gave his Son on that first Christmas Day. (I don’t know […] Read More

Too soon we forget the terrorism of the 1950s and 1960s. The cross burnings, obscene telephone calls, character assassination and political intrigue on those who believed in and fought for human rights and dignity and stood against bigotry, hate and indifference. I was reminded of those years when I read of the passing of a […] Read More

It took me a year of searching to find a medical neurologist in Tom Green County that would agree to see my uninsured 45-year-old daughter. She had her first epileptic seizure while working in the kitchen of a public school north of San Antonio, Texas. She badly sprained her wrist as she fell to the […] Read More

Twenty years ago today, I was awakened by the dreadful news that the Chinese government chose to use force in stopping the non-violent student demonstrations. I had just left Beijing and was in Hong Kong when the BBC announced that tanks and armed forces were sent into the TianAnMen (Heavenly Gate) Square on Chang’An Road […] Read More

A Nigerian-based church is locating just seven miles from my wife, Jody’s, hometown. The tiny town of Floyd, Texas, between Farmersville and Greenville, will soon have Africa’s largest and most ambitious evangelical church–The Redeemed Christian Church of God–in its midst. Along with plans for a 10,000-seat sanctuary, lake and conference center, there are plans for […] Read More

Texas’ greatest storyteller, Horton Foote, died March 4. He was a literary genius unmatched in Texas (and there have been many contenders: Katherine Ann Porter, Larry McMurtry, Elmer Kelton and William Sidney Porter, also known as O. Henry). The footlights of Broadway were dimmed in his honor.   Twentieth-century history is incomplete without his plays […] Read More

When looking to write a book, of all the problems and headaches involved, none is more pronounced than finding a great title. When I wrote my book on the life and work of Lao She, I should have left his name off the title. No one can pronounce it and the rest of the title […] Read More