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Author Brian Kaylor

Brian Kaylor is editor and president of Word&Way, associate director of Churchnet, and a contributing editor for

With Christian fundamentalists proposing state laws to erode church-state separation and promote Christian nationalism, we must be ready to testify against such bills – and not back down. […] Read More

Jamaican Baptist leaders raised the topic of reparations for slavery in multiple sessions of the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance. While no vote was taken, a commission will study the issue and report next year. […] Read More

Baptist leaders from about 40 nations voted to affirm women in ministry and to condemn religious-based intolerance during the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in the Bahamas last week. […] Read More

It’s frustrating to see a Baptist leader push so hard to bring the corrupting influence of partisan politics into our churches. And it’s even more frustrating that he does so with false claims. […] Read More

President Donald Trump on Friday, Oct. 13, announced he would decertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. I wonder if one of his evangelical advisers could show him a passage in the Bible about responding to the worst deal ever? Trump previously called the deal between Iran, the U.S. and five other nations “the worst deal […] Read More

Baptists from nearly 50 nations focused on religious liberty concerns in multiple nations during the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Bangkok, Thailand, the first week of July. Through resolutions, presentations and advocacy, the historic Baptist concern for religious liberty led to attention given to Iraq, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand, the United States and […] Read More

About 300 Baptists from nearly 50 nations trekked to Bangkok, Thailand, this week for the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance. Meeting in a predominately Buddhist nation, global Baptist leaders learned from Thai Baptists and offered encouragement to Baptists in the region. About 94 percent of the nation’s 68 million people identify as Buddhist, […] Read More

Numerous important ballot issues were largely unnoticed in the media’s coverage of Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election. Voters across the country offered their take on legislative ideas, particularly affirming marijuana usage, enacting stricter gun laws and increasing the minimum wage. Marijuana had a good night. Voters in four states – Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota […] Read More

Hundreds of churches across the country will attempt to focus on a more important commitment, as millions of Americans cast their votes next Tuesday. While ballots are being counted and pundits jump to conclusions, Christians across the denominational spectrum will gather for communion. An initiative known as Election Day Communion urges churches to hold a […] Read More

Welcoming refugees is a traditional act of hospitality for the nation of Jordan. An estimated 1.4 million Syrians fled south to Jordan over the past few years, a number equivalent to about 20 percent of Jordan’s population. Only Turkey and Lebanon currently host more Syrian refugees. But for Jordan, the current refugee stream from Syria […] Read More