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Author Brett Younger

An Extravagant Faith

McAfee School of Theology is on spring break this week, so this sermon is from last fall’s chapel. This sermon was delivered by Brett Younger, associate professor of preaching at McAfee school of Theology in Atlanta, Ga., on Sept. 2, 2008. John 12:1-11 Six days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany, the home of […] Read More

Skipping Christmas

For centuries, Christians have celebrated the birth of Jesus by coming to church to sing, pray, remember, give thanks and recommit our lives to Christ. What were we thinking? The front-page news is that many of the biggest churches in the United States have decided that the best way to celebrate the coming of Christ […] Read More


Martin Luther is arguably the most important historical figure of the last thousand years. “Luther” won’t be the best movie in 1,000 years, but it is a good film about a great story. “Luther” opens with a law student caught in a spectacular lightning storm. He is so terrified that he prays to St. Anne, […] Read More

Ever since that fateful day in 1924 when John Thomas Scopes told his principal that he would rather teach biology than driver’s education, evolution has been in and out of the news. On Sept. 10 the Texas State Board of Education will, inexplicably, hold another public debate on how much science high school science students […] Read More

The “Gospel According to Seabiscuit” is playing to enthusiastic crowds. Laura Hillenbrand’s best-seller, Seabiscuit: An American Legend, has my parents’ seal of approval—a seldom-awarded honor for a book given to them by their son. The story features an unlikely cast of damaged and forgotten Depression-era cast-offs. When he was born, Seabiscuit was described as a […] Read More

Easter Comes to Iraq

On Sunday, people all over the United States will put on new shoes and wonder if they should have gotten a half-size larger. They briefly consider going out for pancakes, but abandon that plan in favor of searching through the plastic grass in the bottom of their children’s Easter baskets for the traditional resurrection breakfast […] Read More

It was too late when I received an urgent e-mail from warning me about “the curse of an abomination with which Satan seeks to fill our land.” Naturally I assumed it would be a prophetic word against racism, sexism or materialism, but as I read further I was shocked to learn that parents are […] Read More

The real horror is the “answer” the movie gives to the problem of evil. The misconceived theological premise is that God directs every death. Not even the green guys would believe in a God as cruel as the one in “Signs.” As a pastor (a group woefully under-represented in movies), I was delighted that the […] Read More