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Author Bob Setzer Jr.

Recently, my mom sent me a news clipping containing yet another searing image of a raging petroleum fire. The bright yellow inferno at the burn site is belching an ugly, black plume of smoke into the sky. Only this picture was not one of the many shocking photos to come out of the Gulf oil […] Read More

Along with most Americans, I am still reeling from the Fort Hood shootings. That 13 brave soldiers, pledged to defend my life and liberty, were struck down by a madman on our native soil breaks my heart and turns my stomach. That the alleged gunman was a psychiatrist pledged to help soldiers manage combat stress […] Read More

Recently, both Miss California and megachurch pastor Rick Warren got slammed for speaking to the issue of gay rights. While each pleased some and infuriated others, both got beaten up pretty badly in this very public and often nasty debate.   Perhaps I feel more sympathy than most for these public figures because I have […] Read More

Straight from the ecclesiastical “Believe It or Not!” department comes the following headline: “Episcopal Priest Defrocked for Wanting to Remain a Muslim.”   According to a news story released by the Seattle Times, Episcopal priest Ann Holmes Redding professed her faith in Allah, reciting the ancient Islamic creed, “There is no god but God and […] Read More

I have read a number of letters to our new president, but I have yet to read a single letter to the American people. We might do well to remember the fate of the country is not entirely in his hands, but ours as well ¦ Recently, periodicals from Reader’s Digest to Sojourners have published […] Read More

As Easter draws near, we often hear breaking news of some sensational claim purporting to give us the “real” Jesus. This year, the headline enjoying its 15 minutes of fame is the so-called “Jesus Papers,” supposedly secret documents just now coming to light. Through vague references to those documents, and by artfully rewriting the New […] Read More

Nowhere did Jesus limit women to a subordinate role in his kingdom. In fact, quite the opposite. At every turn, he lifted them up. But there is a far more serious revision in the “new” Baptist Faith and Message (a confessional statement first adopted in 1925). The revision removes Jesus Christ as the “criterion for […] Read More