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Author Bob Cornwall

Bob Cornwall is Senior Pastor of Central Woodward Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Troy, Michigan.

The Lord’s Prayer asks that God’s kingdom would come, as God’s will is done on earth as it is done in heaven. If God is to reign on earth as in heaven, we cannot separate the spiritual and the social. […] Read More

Once upon a time, Americans believed in the myth of the “self-made man,” and then the stock market crashed and people turned to each other and the government for help. During the Great Depression, it became clear that people couldn’t survive on their own. At that time, the New Deal was enacted to provide a […] Read More

We were jolted by news of another deadly mass shooting. This time the location was suburban Milwaukee, Wisc. The victims were worshippers at the local Sikh temple. Six members of that community, along with the shooter, were killed. Several others were wounded, including a police officer. The shooter died in an exchange of gunfire with […] Read More

We live in an increasingly diverse society, which has led to what we might call a nativist backlash. “America for Americans,” you might say, but who is an American? Nativism isn’t new, as we can see by looking back in history. In the 19th century, it was largely Catholics who faced a Protestant reaction – […] Read More

On back-to-back Fridays, Cheryl and I took in a couple of movies: first “WarHorse” and then “RedTails.” Both are war movies, though they focus on different wars. Both are moving and well-made movies. Both have famous producers/directors who have made blockbuster movies – Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. But the two movies tell uncommon stories […] Read More

The image of the frontier has always appealed to Americans. In part this is due to the sense of manifest destiny, the belief that America was the great vanguard of democracy and civilization. It was linked to the post-millennialism that was popular during the 19th century, wherein it was believed that we were living in […] Read More

The current political debate – which is in part being fueled by a rather radical attempt to roll back more than a half-century of social policy that has brought us Medicare and Medicaid, the Clean Air and Clean Water Act, and more – has really changed the conversation. It’s not just the issue of government […] Read More

A lot of people are arguing about the meaning and the use of the Constitution of the United States. When the new Congress began, a group of Republicans decided to read an edited version (one that didn’t include the part about slaves being three-fifths of a person). There are those we might call “strict constructionists” […] Read More

Once upon a time it was a good thing to be liberal, but today it seems that to be a liberal is to be godless and unpatriotic. In this age of Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter, the word has become so disrespected that many liberals run from the label and call themselves by other names. Not […] Read More

As I was watching President Obama speak Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but think of Doug Pagitt’s new book, “Church in the Inventive Age.” Like Pagitt, the president pounded home his conviction that the world has changed and we need to adapt to it. The road ahead may be difficult to navigate, but America’s history […] Read More