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Author Bob Allen

Bob Allen was the managing editor at from 2003-2009, writing more than 1,500 news stories during his tenure. He is currently the news editor at Baptist News Global.

A victims’ advocacy and support group has been urging Southern Baptist leaders to develop a denomination-wide “open and transparent” response to sexual abuse by clergy. That was in 2007. […] Read More

A weeklong International Consultation to Women in Prostitution conference raised awareness among Baptists of the issue of sexual exploitation. Here is how they’re making a difference. […] Read More

Two years ago Rami Shapiro, a former congregational rabbi for 20 years in Miami who now directs an educational center called One River Foundation, was invited to a Passover seder service at a church in Murfreesboro, Tenn., where he now lives. While impressed by the sincerity of the participants, Shapiro felt frustrated because he felt […] Read More

Many Christians say grace at mealtime, but that shouldn’t be the extent of the relationship between their faith and their food. So says Debra Kolodny, executive director of ALEPH, a Jewish Renewal group that recently launched an interfaith Sacred Foods Project with a $200,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Twenty-five years ago, Kolodny said, […] Read More

Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler gave qualified support for a view of history called the “trail of blood” that traces an unbroken succession of “true” churches back to the New Testament era. The Roman Catholic Church makes a similar claim of an unbroken line of bishops stretching back to the apostles. In 2000 Mohler called […] Read More

Muslim leaders in Dayton, Ohio, said they don’t know why anyone would disrupt a Friday night Ramadan service by spraying an unknown irritant into a mosque and forcing about 300 worshippers out of the building and into the street with burning eyes and throats. But the attack coincided with mass distribution in presidential swing states […] Read More

A widely circulated document by a study commission of a worldwide evangelical alliance has raised eyebrows with its call to abandon Christian-Jewish dialogue and instead seek to evangelize European Jews. The World Evangelical Alliance’s theological task force developed a statement last month expressing regret for past persecution of Jews in the name of Jesus. But […] Read More

While Baptist World Aid observes World Hunger Month during October, the world’s hunger crisis is a daily disaster. This year’s awareness campaign seeks to drive home that point with the worldwide Baptist community under the theme, “Hunger Crisis: A Daily Disaster. “According to a Web site, BWAid, the relief-and-development arm of the Baptist World Alliance, […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention, which four years ago withdrew from the Baptist World Alliance over theological and relational differences, isn’t likely to return to the fold any time soon, the denomination’s leaders indicated Tuesday. The SBC Executive Committee declined to act on a motion referred from this summer’s SBC annual meeting asking the leadership group […] Read More

A Baptist pastor in Azerbaijan must remain in jail for at least two more months while a criminal investigation against him continues, a court ruled Aug. 22. But supporters of imprisoned pastor Hamid Shabanov welcomed the court’s decision to transfer him to a district neighboring the one where he was arrested June 20 on what […] Read More