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Author Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson is president of the Center for Healthy Churches (CHC) housed at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

These were hard conversations. This minister had been dismissed from his church many months ago, but the wounds had refused to heal. Hurtful things were said, friendships were broken, trust was betrayed. He walked away wounded and bitter. Over the ensuing months, we had talked regularly and honestly. Gradually, he could feel some healing beginning, […] Read More

A primary issue we face in creating awareness is the burning platform syndrome. I mentioned this to a congregation’s leadership team in preparation for making a presentation about the state of the church in U.S. culture in the 21st century. One of the congregational leaders asked with genuine curiosity: “What is a burning platform, and […] Read More

Ask any minister, “What is the worst part of your job?” and nearly all will tell you, “Conflict.” Ask any congregation member what they like least about their church experience, and most will answer the same. Conflict is everywhere people are, and it seems to be escalating. The incivility of our culture is having a […] Read More

My experience with a physical therapist was fairly routine. I went in with a painful or injured body part, and the physical therapist helped me restore motion, function and strength to my body. Through thoughtful exercise and hard work, my knee gained strength and my back hurt less. Sounds simple, right? If only! On this […] Read More

Most of our nation has endured an extremely harsh winter. As a result, this spring has been met with a sigh of relief and a sense of welcome that seems stronger than in some years. Facebook is filled with images of dogwoods, bluebonnets, azaleas, iris and columbine in full bloom. It is a perfect time […] Read More

What metaphors communicate clearly what a healthy church or minister is like? There are many of them, but the one that I keep returning to is that of the garden. As a gardener who finds personal renewal and energy in the rhythm and mystery of gardening and landscaping, I am drawn to this mindset as […] Read More

The story of the Israelites’ thwarted entry into the Promised Land has always made me curious. The 12 spies cross the Jordan and reconnoiter the land before them, returning with a mixed message. Ten of the spies are convinced the giants in the land will devour those who challenge them. Caleb and Joshua, however, are […] Read More

I regularly read outside the world of congregational life in an effort to understand leadership issues. In Fast Company magazine, I found an article dedicated to helping startup entrepreneurs establish healthy practices. The title, “6 Signs Your Company Culture Stinks,” was a little off-putting, but I quickly recognized that much of what author Matt Ehrlichman […] Read More

Churches are not the only institutions wrestling with the transition from a tradition-bound orientation toward a more relevant contemporary life. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to watch two universities model how to adapt and redefine in the face of a dramatically changing environment. I recently completed a five-year term as a trustee […] Read More

Imagine a community in steady decline. There are fewer and fewer people and revenues are declining. Young families, especially, are missing. There is a constant chorus of longing to return to the good old days of the past. A sense of dread about the future pervades, and hope seems in short supply. People become increasingly […] Read More