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Author Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson is president of the Center for Healthy Churches (CHC) housed at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ready for a vocabulary lesson? Stagnant. Boring. Aimless. Tired. Tepid. What do these words describe? You? Your minister? Your church? Your Sunday School class? Your career? All too often, I hear ministers and parishioners alike using such words to describe all of the above. Far too many of God’s people and God’s churches find themselves […] Read More

Have you learned that nothing “goes without saying” anymore? That sobering truth runs counter to our tendency to think there are some universally shared assumptions that all of us agree upon. We may think that everyone agrees with us about what a family looks like or what the Bible teaches regarding some pressing social issue […] Read More

All organizations, including churches, have a reason for being. Only a few actually know that reason and articulate it and live into it. Sometimes the reason is clear and crisp, other times it is fuzzy and nebulous. Some choose their “why” intentionally, others do so accidentally or allow others to choose it for them. Clarity […] Read More

Nearly all observers of the 21st century church in the U.S. agree that the next generation of leadership is a cause for concern. Many write, blog, tweet and generally lament the state of leadership cultivation and training – or lack thereof. Far too many congregations no longer encourage young people and laity to consider vocational […] Read More

When a congregation wants to become or remain healthy, one of the key questions it asks has to do with the balance between its internal and external focus. One excellent congregational exercise to help with this question is to gather a group in a large room. On one end of the room create an imaginary […] Read More

Some call it a battle. Others a wrestling match. Let’s go with something a bit less confrontational and call it a challenge that will impact whether or not your church will survive. I’m describing one of the foundational polarities every church must confront and manage. Simply put, will your life together be primarily shaped by […] Read More

A minister asked me during a recent conversation what I thought were the major traps that most often snared ministers when they moved to a new congregation. Healthy churches and ministers pay attention to potential trouble spots and act in a proactive way to avoid getting derailed early in the new relationship. Several come to […] Read More

One of the pressing concerns of 21st-century individual and congregational spiritual life is the question of depth. To be blunt, there isn’t much. Study after study has revealed the sad truth that much of what we call faith and commitment is actually a thin veneer of religious ritualism that wilts at the first hint of […] Read More

My colleague Bob Dale often asks me a simple question. “Bill, what are we hearing out there in the churches?” He knows that every week members of our Center for Healthy Churches’ team are fanning out across the country to work in dozens of churches of every size, shape, denomination, setting and orientation. We hear […] Read More

Easter changes everything. Like no other part of the Christian faith, the story of Easter is at the heart of what makes our faith unique and life-changing. Death is overcome by life. Not even the grave is immune to the life-giving power of Jesus Christ. Those simple statements have profound implications. Across the centuries, this […] Read More