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Author Bill Owen

Church people talk. They talk about all kinds of things: the pastor, her sermon, how many people used to be in worship, and what we ought to be doing but haven’t yet. This kind of talk can be threatening to a pastor, but it doesn’t have to be. Having people care enough about what’s happening […] Read More

I love this time of year, don’t you? Even though the days are getting shorter, I love the cool, crisp air and the changing colors of fall. It’s nice cutting the air conditioning down at home. Pleasant evenings find my wife, Cindy, and me sitting in the back yard, reminiscing around a crackling fire. I’ve […] Read More

Becoming an effective, emotionally intelligent pastor requires more than delivering a good sermon, making timely hospital visits and scheduling committee meetings. Outstanding pastor-leaders lead from their heart and their head. Their passions and enthusiasm set a charge into their organizations. But this is not easy. In my early years of ministry, I was so clever. […] Read More

I had my choice between the window seat and the aisle seat on a recent flight. Sitting by the window offers a great view, but it makes me feel cramped, if not trapped. There are benefits to the aisle seat. You have greater freedom to stand or move when you like. You can stretch at […] Read More

I entered the pastorate with a fair amount of preparation. From graduate to post-graduate work, I was surrounded by motivated friends and a world-class faculty. It was the best of times. I had every opportunity and I loved it. Along the way, I had the chance to apply what I was learning in “student pastorates.” […] Read More