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Author Bill Ireland

On one of his many on-the-road trips, Charles Kuralt, the noted television journalist and writer, befriended George and June Butler, a couple in Vermont. The Butlers operated a small farm where they raised vegetables, flowers and sugared maple trees. Environmentally conscious, they lived as simply as possible and produced their own hydroelectric power. Kuralt was […] Read More

Over the centuries, the church has readily baptized a number of sentimental and civic holidays. Some have actually complemented the purposes of the church quite well. For example, the “Hallmark holidays,” such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, provide us with ready-made opportunities to order our worship around and to preach about issues related to […] Read More

Decoding Mark

Given the popularity of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, Elaine Pagels’ Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, and Michael Baigent’s Holy Blood, Holy Grail, I half-expected John Dart’s Decoding Mark to be one more in the parade of sensational works that devalue the canonical gospels and suggest some sort of conspiratorial intent in their […] Read More

The Great Worship Awakening is a helpful addition to the conversation about worship. Church leaders attempting to bring about healthy change in worship would do well to work through this book as a group and utilize the available study guide. In making that determination, congregations will have to wrestle with questions of identity and theology. […] Read More